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Pink Food


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The Idea

Back in 2014, the founder was indulging into the world of anime and Japanese street fashions when she came across maid cafe's in Japan. Intrigued she continued to do research on them and decided she wanted to create a pop-up maid cafe in her high school. With the help of the anime club and her friends, she was able to create the first pop-up maid cafe.  At the time, the cafe was named "Otaku Maid Cafe". The event was a huge success as it reached capacity and they ran out of food.  

The Beginning

The founder knew that she wanted to create her own maid cafe. She spent years doing research on maid cafes in Japan and learning why the US market for those types of cafes had not succeeded in earlier years. Through her research, she has gathered exactly what the US market would enjoy and indulge in while still keeping a standard maid cafe aesthetic. Our journey is set to set sail in early 2022.

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